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#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box





A Box of Happiness is our themed box of journaling inspiration.

Our #LawofAttraction box contains:

  • A #LawofAttraction journal with 30 questions that will help you reflect on your thinking patterns and help you re-wire the way you think to attract what you want into your life. 
  • Printables/Worksheets to help you turn wishes and dreams into words and vision boards that will keep you inspired to work towards turning them into reality.
  • A set of beautiful quote cards + a wooden stand
  • A notebook
  • An inspirational pen 
  • A motivational sticker sheet 

We hope that this Law of Attraction journal will help you gain more clarity about who you are and what you truly want in life, and help you manifest and re-wire the way you think to only attract good things into your life. 



I remember when The Secret was first released, I was still in secondary school. I was very drawn to the book and after reading it, I became a huge advocate for the power of positive affirmations. I started visualizing what I wanted in life every day. I started breaking down my long-term goals into short-term, actionable goals. I was always working towards my dream.

My father, much like myself, was a high achiever in his younger years. So he taught me a few things that helped me achieve my goals. He taught me to never let self-doubt enter my mind because as soon as you start doubting yourself, your subconscious mind makes you fear the unknown. I have been practicing this thought process ever since I started this business, this is my own law of attraction.

I remember so vividly, growing up, a 10-year-old girl living in Bangkok, Thailand, I could only dream of one day becoming a successful business woman, with her own inspirational brand, whose beautifully designed products inspire people all around the world. I dreamed of one day having a global business where I get to work online & travel the world. Though I tried a few different things & changed my career goals a few times, life led me back to where it all started. Just a couple of years before I started The Happiness Planner, I hit rock bottom. Whilst trying to choose between finding a job in Australia, moving back to my home country, and starting my own business, I found my life’s purpose. Trying to keep myself motivated and inspired, I started digging deep into personal development once again and started writing - sharing what I learned, what was going through my head, and words of wisdom I learned from my father.

That is when the magic happened. I started realizing that my passions for personal development, psychology, branding, design, and business could be combined and turned into a business. Then and there I found my life’s purpose. As I started to follow my heart, opportunities came & doors opened. My goals back then was to have my writing published on big publications, to build my own beautiful, inspirational stationery brand, to become a motivational speaker & an inspirational figure, and to travel the world. I broke down those big, long-term goals into smaller, short-term goals and thought about how I would strategically get there. I still remember the day I wrote down that list of goals I wanted to have accomplished within 5 years’ time. I took one step at a time with my head set on the big picture. And here I am writing an introduction for our Law of Attraction Box.

I hope this Box of Happiness will inspire you to look deep into your soul, dream big, and to truly embrace attracting good things. Remember, whatever you want in life, it is already within you. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. If you’re too scared to dream, you aren’t living, and life is going to be pretty mundane. Failure is not fatal. It’s just an opportunity to begin again, with a different approach. You can achieve whatever you want in life; it starts with a dream, a goal for achievement, and being unwaveringly determined to make it come true.


Mo Seetubtim

Founder & CEO


Featured article:

The Key Secret to Attracting What You Want Into Your Life

Throughout our lives, we are all in search for that something or someone. We want the best; we want the perfect - the most amazing friends you could ever find, the best job in the world, and the perfect someone to love. We spend months and years endlessly searching. If the thing we get is not the best available or is not perfect, we don't want to keep it. We have a list of criteria that needs to be ticked off. We set standards. We think we have a type. We think we know what we want. But when we get it, we actually realize that it's not what we thought it would be.


About ten years ago just before my friend's grandmother passed away, she gave him a few words of wisdom which (were passed onto me and) have stuck by me since.

"Don't go and look for the girl of your dreams. Instead, focus on becoming the person of your dreams and the girl of your dreams will come and find you."

Hearing this at the age of 17, I realized that before I could go out and find that person I want to be with and the things and people I want to attract in my life, I needed to work on myself first.

Was I where I wanted to be?

The answer was no. 

Then I started asking myself the following questions;

  • If I could magically become the best I could possibly be, what would I be like? 
  • What are the steps I need to take to become that person?
  • What kind of person or qualities am I attracted to?
  • What kind of person or qualities would attract the person above?
  • What else do I want to attract in my life?

Asking myself these questions made me realize that instead of going out and searching for that perfect someone that ticks all the boxes, I needed to work on myself first. Because if I remained the person I was, even if I bumped into that perfect someone on the street, the person wouldn't be attracted to me.

There are many things in life we know could be better - things we know we could improve on. But most of the time we decide to let time pass by and live comfortably with the old habits. We know we are not the best we want to be, yet, we are too lazy to do anything about it. Yes, lazy, not scared. We're too lazy to put up with the uncomfortable feeling that comes with change. We're too lazy to build our willpower. We're too lazy to grow our mental strength. So we just sit around wishing that the perfect someone will come around, hoping that he/she will inspire and motivate us to become a better person.

But, you see... it all starts with US, not fate, not destiny, not luck... but us, ourselves. 

We want to meet people who are fit and take good care of their health, yet, we keep eating junk food and rarely exercise. We want to meet inspiring people who are successful and doing interesting things with their lives, yet, we keep hanging out with the same old people and going to the same places. We want to meet people who love traveling, yet, we are too busy working - climbing up the corporate ladder - that we only take two weeks off a year to go on a holiday. We want to meet people who are nice, genuine, and down-to-earth, yet, we keep judging people by their looks and their wealth. We want to meet people who are on track with their lives, yet, we seem to be getting wasted every weekend, have no savings, and feel like we do need to get a grip over our lives. 

I remember when I just graduated, the first thing my Dad said to me was,

"Work on yourself first and everything else will work itself out."

I was stressed. I was a little bit lost. At the time, I had been living overseas on my own for five years. I was searching for that perfect job. I was under time and financial pressure. I just moved to a new city and started to feel very lonely. When you graduate, you are handed with a sense of relief as well as a sense of freedom. You don't have to go to school anymore. Life now seems like an open card - you can make it anything you want it to be. But... with freedom of choice comes uncertainty.

Instead of telling me what to do about career in a "tangible" action plan, Dad advised me to do the following instead, 

"Spend some time discovering yourself. Find your strengths and weaknesses. Understand your personality traits. And work on improving yourself to be the best you could be. Everything else will follow."

We all seem to want so many things in life. We wish to have this. We aspire to have that. We complain about what we don't have and we tell others and ourselves what we want to have - whether it be a wonderful partner,  great friends, an amazing job, a lovely home, a nice holiday - or a happy life. We seem to wish upon the star what we want when, in fact, it all just starts with ourselves. 

As a smart kid (and so are you reader - you're a smartie), my Dad has always said this to me...

"Being smart is a gift. However, without discipline, you're not going to go anywhere."

We all seem to have qualities that can make us successful, but without discipline, self-discipline (to be exact), we're just one big mess that's not going to be able to reach our full potential.

Stop looking around searching for the things you desire when it all starts with the one right here - the one you see in the mirror - yes, it's you. 

Work on yourself to be the person of your dreams first. Everything else you desire will find its own way to you. 

That's the law of attraction right there. :)


Mo Seetubtim

Founder & CEO

#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box
#LawofAttraction Box

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Ipswich, Queensland

So pretty, I don't want to ruin it with my handwriting!

Thank you for the fast delivery :-)


Buy it buddy.... it’s good..!!!!

Well I haven’t used it yet....... after two months I am moving to London and I will use it there (suggested by my dear friend) but it looks good and beautiful and even the stuff inside is quite nice

Anmarie Day

Love this set!

I love my box of happiness. It arrived very quickly and the content was better than expected. It looks great on my desk and I absolutely love writting in the notepad. The pen is also really nice to write with and I love the inspirational cards....! Would recommend this to anyone for themselves or as a gift to a friend or loved one. I will definitely be buying more fromyou guys! Anmarie x

Melissa B.


Loved it thank you!

Castille L.
United States

So fun, definitely recommend!

I bought the Law of Attraction box as a Christmas present for my like-minded friend, and she and I have both been journaling using the daily questions. It’s a great place to start, and the guided journaling is super helpful. Plus the kit is adorable. I prefer the daily happiness journals, but I actually think it would be great to have small, 30 day journals with prompts, too, like the journal inside the LOA kit.

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